When i was your man..

Verse 1 : 
Same sheets same pillow but they don't smell the same 
I always think of you everytime it rains
How did I lose your love, why are you not around , 
I miss your arms and all I feel is pain
And it all just feels like uh, uh, uh 
                   Chorus : 
I'm hurt but then I realize 
That you never bought me flowers or held my hand 
Told me that you loved me, every now and then
Take me to different places, show me some of your romance
Now I'm going places with another man
Verse 2 : 
Your friends, your cars, and all of your silly things 
Made you forget about the person that was in your life 
And I'll never never get hurt again this way 
What I really want is you, to hold me tight
Because it feels like uh, uh, uh, uh 
Bridge : 
Although it hurts its lonely at first when your alone 
Oh, I'll never make the same mistake 
Lifes to short to sit back and wait 
But I just want you to know 
Next time buy flowers, and hold her hands 
Tell her that you love her, every now and then
Take her to different place show her some of your romance
        Do all the things you should have done when you were my man!